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E-Order Online Job Ordering

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About eOrder

If this is your first time submitting an eOrder (sending us digital files for printing), here are some notes:

  • Once your eOrder is complete, you will receive an email confirmation.
    If you do not receive this confirmation, we do not have your order.  Additionally, this email confirmation serves as your production workorder – it’s the same form we receive.
  • eOrders are production orders, and upon receipt are automatically placed into our production queue.  If you need to change/cancel, please CALL US at (858) 541-1500 immediately in hopes we have not completed your job.

If it is outside business hours (M-TH 7:30-5:30/FRI 7:30-5) and you need to change/cancel your order, you may send an email reply to your eOrder confirmation (eorder@mesareprographics.com), or email plot@mesareprographics.com and reference your eOrder order number.

  • eOrder will not provide you a price for your job, nor can you pay via eOrder.  If you have any questions about the price of your job/payment, please contact us before submitting your eOrder.  We have an $8 large format printing minimum.

Additionally, if you are a COD customer, and will be picking up from our shop, you can pay at the counter.  If you are a COD customer and we are delivering to a third party, we will call you upon completion to arrange payment over the phone.

If you are a repeat COD customer (thank you!), we are able to securely store your (encrypted) credit card number in our billing system, and can run your card with each completed order.  Please contact us if that’s of interest.

  •  If you are sending us plans/blueprints, you will complete the PLANS section only.  (Bypass Specs/8.5×11, and Special Services sections.)
  • ePickup alerts us to dispatch a MESA driver to the/your address provided. 
    If you sent an ePickup and meant to send an eOrder (files to print), please call us (858.541.1500) ASAP to alert us.
  • How long will your job take?
    Well, that depends on the size of the job and its destination, and each job is unique. Assuming we don’t have any file processing issues, and your job is less than 50 sheets (b&w), a typical job of that size can be ready for will-call in 1-2 hours. If delivering that job locally, perhaps 2-4 hours (production + delivery). Larger jobs, color jobs, specs jobs, etc all impact productime time. Contact us to discuss.

As always, we are here to meet your needs and deadlines. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions and comments.

Thank you!
MESA Reprographics